Dr. Heino Folmer, graduated as a Medical Doctor at the University of Nijmegen, Holland and with more than 20 years of experience, working in the Algarve since 2005.

Known from the Dutch televisionprogram “De Vakantiedokter”……………

ORANGE MEDICAL CENTRE (OMC) is well located and easily accessible (wheelchair friendly) at the bus station in the Old Town near a pharmacy and the  International “Dental Clinic Albufeira”.

OMC provides primary medical care in the broadest sense of the word, incl. check-ups and additional tests like INR, blood analysis, ECG and spirometry. We also do minor surgery for ingrowing toe nails etc.


We have done all we can to make our clinic accessible to everyone, including handicapped people. Outside the clinic you will find ramps next to the stairs. The bus station and taxi rank are just a few meters from our front door.

This front door is wide and opens on to a spacious hallway. The inside doors are also wide and don’t have thresholds. There is a lavatory for the disabled with all necessary equipment, such as a raised toilet with armrests and an alarm system. At the reception desk you will find that a part is lowered to make it easy to speak to our receptionist whilst seated in a wheelchair.