My name is Erik Wolters and I am a graduate of the 1990 class of the  Anglo European College of Chiropractice in Bournemouth, England.
For the last 18 years I have been working as a chiropractor in the south of Holland.

Prior to that, I worked in the Algarve for several years.

Chiropractice has a very wide spectrum of different complaints that can be treated.
Mainly related to the musculoskeletal system e.g.:
Low back pain, neckache, headaches,sciatica and herniated discs.
It is also a holistic and preventative method.

Besides chiropractic treatment, I also have the skill and availability of using diagnostic ultrasound for complaints of the joints and its surrounding tissues.
Another related therapy is shockwave therapy to treat inflamed tendons, muscles or calcifications.

Kind regards,

Erik Wolters DC

Tel: 00351 934 393 609